Ex Flare Ignition

High Energy Ignition

High ignition

The 225-HEF-IFD is a High Energy Ignition combined with a Flame detection module. They are present in all in one electronic that is installed inside an Exd IIC enclosures, aluminium or stainless steel 316L.

The High Energy ignition module is a redesigned version of the 200-HEP-A6Z 7J

The Flame detection module is a redesigned version of the module 600-IFD-140-SRS with all its features, a window on the top of the Exd IIC enclosure let you know the strength flame indication with coloured leds.


• ATEX certificate FTZÚ 15 ATEX 0182X
• IECEx certificate FTZÚ 15.0035X
• TRCU certificate RU C-IT.AA87.B.00187
• INMETRO certificate LEC 16.0080X

FFG Certifoed Spark Plug

FFG Spark Plug

The FFG (Flame Front Generator) spark plugs are devices suitable to be used in a flame front generator combustion chamber as a high tension ignition device (CE2K-SP-AL/SS) or a piezo ignition device (CE2K-PZ-AL/SS).

These plugs are composed by an Ex terminal box complete with a cerfied spark plug.


• CE2K-SP-AL (Spark Plug Aluminium)
• CE2K-SP-SS (Spark Plug Stainless Steel 316L)
• CE2K-PZ-AL (Piezo Aluminium)
• CE2K-PZ-SS (Piezo Stainless Steel 316L)

HE Modules

HE Modules

Avimar can provide several high energy ignition modules, divided for power supply and power Joule capacity.


• CE marking
• UL for MDR power supply
• EAC for Russian market

Portable Ignitor


The 200-HEP-A6Z EX POR it is used for portable application in hazardous area with our HE module.

A high energy portable ignition set is used to ignite a number of oil/gas burners, where the installation of a separate, permanent, high energy igniter on each boiler would be uneconomic and unpratical. High energy ignitor is suitable for igniting the heavier oils, particulary where gas is not available or permitted by regulations, or where a high degree of reliability is essential, e.g. for flare stacks, sulphur plants, or high pressure combustion chamber burners.

The enclosure is certified Ex d IIC IP65, and it is available with window on the top. The enclosure is certified with battery inside.

The item is complete with battery charger.

Avimar item 200-HEP-A6Z Ex POR also works under the water: 


Ex code: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 or T4 Gb

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