Mounting Accessories

Mounting Accessories

Mounting Accessories

  • 8" Shalloew Base Seating pot with or without bottom hole
  • 12" Shallow Base Seating pot with or without bottom hole
  • 12" Deep Base Seating pot
  • Snow Plough Ring 12" to 8"
  • Adapterring, 12" to 8"
  • Breakable Couplings & baseplates
  • Installations Jigs



Way-finding Airport

  • Informations Signs for different
  • LED Signs in different layouts, so it matches the interio of airports


CE Markings

Taxiway Light

LED & Halogen Light

AVM-IHF-L-RTHL & RENL: Runway Threshold & End Light

  • Elevated Taxiway Retroreflective markers (different colors)
  • Elevated Taxiway Edge Light
  • Inset taxiway Edge Light
  • Inset FULL-FLUSH Taxiway Edge Light (for use at Aircraft Stand)
  • Inset Taxiway Centerline Light, Curved & straight
  • Elevated Stop Bar Light
  • Inset Stop Bar Light
  • Runway Guard Light (Wig-Wag)


ICAO: Annex 14 Para 5,3,10IEC: 621827
FAA: AC 150/5345-46, L-850D,E

Programmable Portable Lights

LED Light

The AVM-SPAL Portable Light is a perimeter, taxiway, approach Light with and infrared option for military or nonmilitary usage.
This product is the perfect portable light which is in compliance with the ICAO regulation.
AVM-SPAL is equipped with solar panels and a night-time sensor to be switched on at night and charged during the day. 
The AVM-SPAL is made of high quality materials and amounts to IP67. This makes the AVM-SPAL portable solar lighting one of the best on the market.
The AVM-SPAL is available in several configuration from single colour portable light to multi- purpose portable light including IR.

AVM-POL is the smaller brother of AVM-SPAL. This portable light operates autonomously up to 100 hours. Just like AVM-SPAL it can be operated manually or remotely.
Portable lighting AVN-POL is IP 67 and made of high quality materials. 

  • AVM-POL Single Color Light
  • AVM-POL, Multible Color light
  • AVM-POL, Multible Color + IR Light
  • AVM-SPAL Solar Single Color Light
  • AVM-SPAL Solar Multible Color Light
  • AVM-SPAL Solar Multible Color + IR Light


ICAO: Annex 14 Para 5,3,9
IEC: 621827
FAA: AC 150/5345-46, L-862

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