AIS & Man Over Board

AIS & Man Over Board


  • Avimar´s AIS transponders allow you to receive data from vessels close to you, but also to transmit your vessel’s identity, position, speed and heading as well as other relevant information to all other vessels equipped with an AIS system within your range. There are 3 types of AIS transponders: Class A, Class B and Class B+. Class A AIS transponders are mandated for vessels over 300 tons, fishing vessels over 15m, passenger carrying vessels and for SOLAS Convention AIS Class B transponders are for recreational craft installation and have a transmission power of 2W (range of about 10 miles). AIS Class B+ (also called Class B SOTDMA) use the same SOTDMA technology as a AIS Class A transponders and therefore have the same priority when it comes to reserving a slot, thus ensuring that they will always be able to transmit, even in high traffic areas. They have a transmission power of 5W.
  • The AVM.MAR-W470 MOB AIS is am extremely small and light personalæ safety devise, working on VHF maritime band as MOB AISplus Homing VHF 121,5 Mhz, complete with GPS positioning. It can be worn around the neck by its flexible silicone rubber covered antenna or it can be fitted directly to the lifejacket or lifeboat. It can be manually activated or aotomatically througt the marine sensors. It is equipped with built-in high efficient flashing light.

  • The AVM.MAR-W470 Ex is available in ATEX version, ATEX II 3G ic IIB T4 Gc


Our range of AIS AtoN complies with IMO, IEC, ITU and IALA Standards.

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