AVM-41382 & AVM-41342

Relative Humidity & Temperature Probes

The Model 41382 Relative Humidity/Temperature Probe combines a high accuracy, capacitance type humidity sensor and precision Platinum RTD temperature sensor in one probe. This probe offers a choice of 0-1 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs for T and RH.

Model 41342 Temperature Probe offers accurate temperature-only measurement. Three output options are available: 0-1 VDC, 4-20 mA, and 4 wire RTD. Probes are easily installed in YOUNG naturally ventilated (multi-plate) and aspirated radiation shields. A junction box is provided for cable terminations.

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Aspirated Radiation Shield

The Aspirated Radiation Shield provides maximum sensor protection from incoming short wave and outgoing long wave radiation

The shield employs a triple walled intake tube and multiple canopy shades to effectively isolate the sensor from precipitation and solar radiation. A continuous duty DC blower provides constant flow of ambient air over the sensor. A variety of temperature and relative humidity probes are available.

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Multi-Plate Radiation Shield

The Multi-Plate Radiation Shield protects temperature and relative humidity sensors from error-producing solar radiation and precipitation. Compact size and light weight make this shield useful for many applications.

The multiple plates have a unique profile that blocks direct and reflected solar radiation, yet permits easy passage of air. The plate material is specially formulated for high reflectivity, low thermal conductivity, and maximum weather resistance. The rugged U-bolt mounting clamp attaches easily to any vertical pipe up to 2 inches diameter. Model 41003 employs a universal clamp-type adapter to securely hold sensors up to 16 mm diameter. Model 41003P has a custom sized adapter to fit a sensor from 16 mm to 26 mm diameter (24 mm is supplied unless otherwise specified). A variety of temperature and humidity probes are available.

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Temp Tracker

The Temp Tracker is a versatile Temperature and Relative Humidity indicator with useful alarms and serial output.

Measured values are displayed on the front panel: temperature on the left, relative humidity or dewpoint on the right. Maximum and minimum values are saved and can be viewed at any time. The Temp Tracker includes the following useful features: fully-programmable alarms, calibrated voltage outputs, and RS-485 output. Input for the Temp Tracker is supplied by Model 41382LC2 Relative Humidity/ Temperature Probe which provides a convenient 4-20 mA current output signal for each channel. (Model 41003P Radiation Shield is suggested)

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