Avimar AIS and Man over board System

AVM.AIS-CSD300 display

The CSD-300 is a dedicated device designed for simple to use management,
control and display of all AIS targets within VHF range. AIS data can be received from
all AIS receivers, Class B or Class A transponders, and can be displayed either on
a ‘radar’ display, or overlaid on a worldwide background chart.
For more detailed cartography, the CSD-300 has the facility to take a Jeppesen C-MAP card.
Tracks the movement of up to 5 vessels with track history and optional live details on
individual vessels Monitors position, speed and heading of vessels on a background chart or
on detailed cartography (optional)
Allows variable parameters to be set for CPA and TCPA alarms listing of all vessels with
name, MMSI, range and bearing, with full details on each vessel, and instant GOTO function

AVM.AIS-CSB200 Class B transponder

The CSB200 is a low cost AIS Class ‘B’ Transponder, designed specifically
for the small commercial boat, fishing boat and leisure markets. It meets the
Class ‘B’ standard that allows vessels that are not required to fit Class ‘A’ units to voluntarily
fit an AIS Transponder. 
The CSB200 is a compact self-contained unit which, when connected to an external VHF
antenna and a GPS antenna, will transmit its own vessel position and data and also receive
information from other AIS vessels, shore stations and navigational aids within VHF range.
The unit is initially programmed by the user with the supplied program (PC). The vessel’s
MMSI number, name, call sign, dimensions and type of vessel are entered at this stage.
Once programmed, the unit will automatically receive and transmit AIS data. The CSB200
is compatible with a range of PC navigation programs and chart plotters that are capable of
accepting NMEA 0183 AIS data sentences.

AVM.AIS-CSA300 Class A transponder

The CSA-300 is a compact, state of the art Class A transponder. The transceiver
and the high contrast monochrome display are both contained in a single
robust enclosure.
Connected to an external VHF antenna and its GPS antenna the CSA-300
transmits its own position and vessel data, as well as receiving information
from other AIS transponders. Designed and IMO approved to meet the
requirements of large commercial vessels it is equally suitable for smaller
commercial, fishing and leisure crafts
Interfaces are available via an external remote junction box for connection to
electronic chart displays, radar, and other AIS displays.

AVM.AIS-SLR300NI Receiver

The Avimar SLR350Ni with WiFi is an AIS receiver interfaced to a Raspberry
Pi™ 3 computer.
The SLR350Ni is designed for coastal monitoring applications and is capable
of filtering and processing AIS data and forwarding it across a network. In this
way, several SLR350Ni units can be used to form a complete networked monitoring
solution for monitoring a port and its approaches.
The unit has both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as 4 USB ports and an
HDMI connector for a monitor display. What makes the SLR350Ni different from
other receivers is that it can be deployed in any AIS network using proprietary
software specific to that network and is shipped ‘bare bones’.
The SLR350Ni is designed for use by the commercial market and uses Avimar’s
well proven and internationally specified high sensitivity dual channel parallel
The SLR350Ni from Avimar: Quite possibly the most flexible and powerful
AIS receiver available today.

AVM.W420 Rescue Device

The new AVM.W420 “RESCUE_ME” is a compact personal safety device,
designed to guarantee the safety of crew members.
The Appliance can be worn round one´s neck using flexible antenna, or directly
to a self-inflating lifejacket.

Should the wearer fall overboard, the AVM.W420 start working automatically
thanks to sea-sensors situated on the rear of the devise and transmits the
radio signal that can be used to locate the crew member.

Emission VHF channel AIS 1 & 2, emission power +30 dBm minimum, modulation GMSK
Message type 1 (GPS,UTC,SOC,COG,UID) type 14. (SART ACTIVE, or SART TEST)
GPS position updated every minute

Also available in ATEX II 3G IIC T6 version

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