Active Radar Beacon

Racon devices are used at sea to mark navigational hazards as RADAR targets for presentation on a ship navigational radar display. The word Racon comes from combining RAdar and beaCON.

The McMurdo Marine Systems HEKLEO-SX Racon is a frequency agile all-weather radar transponder that works on both “X” band (3cm wavelength), and “S” Band (10cm wavelength) frequencies.

A HEKLEO-SX Racon responds to a radar interrogation by transmitting a Morse code character which appears on the passing ships radar display. When HEKLEO-SX Racon receives a ships interrogating radar pulse, it responds with a return signal on the same Radar frequency, this results in a special Radar target image icon appearing on the ships radar display.

HEKLEO-SX Racons are often used as aids to navigation when marking:

  • Lighthouses and navigation buoys (the majority are on buoys rather than lighthouses)
  • Offshore oil platforms and other marine structures
  • Environmentally-sensitive areas such as coral reefs
  • Navigable spans under bridges
  • To identify centre lines and turning points
  • To indicate temporary, new and uncharted hazards (with a Morse character “D”)

Key features:

  • Latest technologies
  • Fully IALA compliant
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Maintenance free
  • Very low power consumption


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