Passive Radar Reflector

The AVM-EM305PE is a popular high response radar reflector with arobust Polyethylene case and is suitable for large 15 – 20 metres size vessels.

Following a year of sea trials the US Navy SubPac Division Hawaiichose the original EM305 glass fibre cased unit for enhanced visibility upon surfacing for their fleet of Nuclear Submarines. Following their sea trials we introduced the new Polyethylene case with peak performance of 62.9m² with an average at +1-3° of 10m²which was 21.6% more effective than the glass fibre model. Also used on Trinity House Buoys, Ostend Harbour Entrance and recently the River Rhone.

Successfully tested by QinetiQ to ISO 8729-1999 and meets RORC,ORC,ISAF 2012/13 and WCC requirements of 10M2.


  • NATO stock number 5840 99 812 8790
  • Maximum RCS 62m2 | Average RCS+/- 3 deg 10M2
  • Diameter 338mm
  • Height 720mm
  • Fixings 8mm
  • Weight 5kg

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