Runway Safety Area Detection System:

The RSAMS system monitors the targetmovements (aircrafts and vehicles) on the Runway/Taxiway intersection in order to:

  • detect Runway incursions (i.e. unauthorized¬†runway entries)
  • detect manoeuvre errors (i.e. unauthorized¬†exits from RWY).


Each violation is notified to the Ground Controller (GC) through an acoustic alarm and appropriate visual signals displayed on the RSAMS HMI (Human Machine Interface) in TWR.

‘Moreover each event notified by the system is¬†recorded on a database to be consulted after if¬†required.
The monitoring of the of target movements isextended also to vehicles that move on the peripheral roads that enter directly the runways, where the system also controls traffic lights toprevent possible errors of the drivers.

Detection section RSAMS uses double microwaves sensors that, consist in a Transmitter (TX) and a Receiver (RX), both installed and located near the holding point of the RW/TW intersection or near the marker of the holding position of the roads.

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