Individual Lamp Control & Monitoring System

The Individual Lamp Control equipment can be retrofitted and is compatible with marked available CCR´s, LED and Halogen fittings, isolation transformers and such. The system does not need special requirements for cabling or special repeater equipment.

Avimar ILCM offers outstanding communication and control for REAL single lamp control and monitoring.

The system enables simultaneous trans-mission of multiple data carrier, where any carrier can contain a multiple of bit states

Power line applications require a consistent interpretation of the received signal. The signal interpretation and signal coupling of the system are designed to cope with high-level electromagnetic noise.

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Individual Lamp Control Unit

System Functions.

  • Powerline modem on secondary series circuit
  • Installation between isolation transformer and light fitting
  • Voltage and current measurement of the secondary series circuit
  • Switch On/Off or flash sequence of the light fitting
  • Automatic detection of lamp status/deviation from normal operation state
  • Lamp fail detection when lamp is off
  • Integrated synchronization for Runway Guard Light flash sequence
  • Emergency programm for fail safe operation
  • Automatic frequency sscan and MCU communication adaption
  • Full configuration and software upload via series circuit


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Individual Lamp Master unit

System Functions.

Power line modem including the complete transmission technology and signal coupling on series circuit

  • Installation between CCR and series circuit
  • Voltage and current measurement of the series circuit
  • Authority check by access level and operating state
  • Fully configurable with XML
  • Can be accessed from several applications at the same time
  • Time synchronisation between multiple MCU using IEE1588
  • Consistency check and download of configuration towards the lamp control unit
  • Logging of communication statistics with complete system overview of target state and current state


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