ATIS -Volmet/D-Volmet

The Avimar/Acams ATIS is a computerized ATIS/D-ATIS – VOLMET/D-VOLMET information system automatically generating a speech message from data and text input. The module is equipped with a user friendly interface allowing the message to be composed with a minimum of operator input. Parameters that are monitored by the system are automatically extracted from the ACAMS real time database. Other standard information is entered by simply entering the parameter values and the system will generate the complete message automatically. It is also possible to add a free text message when required.

Avimar/Acams COTS software and Hardware solutions make it easy to customise the product to small or large airports or military airfields. Avimar/Acams range of ATIS solutions includes single PC solution to fully redundant multi-workstation systems including message handling and management systems for country-wide Datalink ATIS management.

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