AVM-Armadilo & AVM-SEAL M1

Portable Lighting System

Avimar Portable Lighting Systems are designed to provide Expeditionary visual landing aids that can support the landing of both aircrafts and helicopters.

The Lighting fixtures are locally or remotely controlled, omnidirectional or unidirectional, rechargeable or primary battery operated, with steady or flashing LED NVG compatible lights. The Fixtures are fitted with state-of-the-art LED high-flux technology to reduce the power consumption and to reduce life cycle costs, with respect to the standard incandescent lamps. All the Portable lights can be supplied in any aeronautical color and with IR sources to support covert operations.

Main features:

  • Full LED technology, long lifetime and no maintenance
  • Night Vision Goggle compatible
  • Support for covert operation
  • Lightweight ruggedized equipment
  • Secure radio control


Compliant with the applicable ICAO, FAA, STANAG standards.

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Temporary Heliport Light

Highly portable and easy to install the portable landing zone kit provides temporary illumination of any military or civilian helicopter landing surface or airfield. The LED light source guarantees high performance illumination hight- (IR) emission.

The system is self-contained in a easy to transport ruggedized suitcase that includes a set of light units and other equipments to support the landing.

The light units are available with aeronautical colours (green) and approach (white) requirement.

ground” wireless remote controller allows to manage the remote control unit, built according to FAA regulations, allow to receive on/off command from an aircraft.

Portable lights are supplied by rechargeable batteries and an embedded charger. The batteries are recharged by simply inserting the lights into their slot and connecting the external power to the transport container.

Compliant with FAA AC NO.

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